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2021년 8월 16일 월요일


This is not about the Schopenhauer, but I can't help writing my opinions after seeing some clips on Afghanistan. I'm no expert on Muslim religion, so what I'm saying can be entirely a bullshit.

I was astounded by this public flogging taking place in 2021, A Taliban judge flogged a woman in the name of her indecency that she called with a boy on the phone. What a ridicule. 

After watching this harsh video, I pondered why they have this kind of cruelty on women, based on their bible, Quran. The savage period that people enslaved and belittled other's lives was written on the outdated book which modern people have respected since its appearance. Given a lot of controversies and wars related to religions, all the same shits keep happening all around the world, centered around religions. Those prove that It's significantly dangerous to respect only one idea for long time in this world dominated by relativism. Jesus, Budda, Allah might have predicted those sad scenes. 

The point is that even if their outdated books have spread good and bad words, how they are utilized is up to humans who read them. People who congregate under one idea without any room for other ideas have a destructive power on others, infusing their belief into innocent people with a brainwashing strategy that makes you discard all other options to consider in their life.

We should be wary of people hiding their rapacious desire under the name of zealot and removing people's freedom in which they can be happier. We should extol people who are willing to embrace diversities and respect differences.